Thursday, June 21, 2012

Got Mail?

I LOVE getting mail... commonly referred to now as snail mail.  I am afraid it is becoming a lost art.  One of my New Year's Resolutions this year was to start sending out birthday cards to family and close friends... needless to say, some months are better than others.  I feel like my grandmother, telling myself, "Well.... I just didn't get to the store this week".  Of course, I am able to drive so I really should do better.  The post office is often a sore subject for me as well.  It never fails.  The line is always super long, the self serve machine is down, and there are only 2 people working. 

I remember in elementary school, we would have a day where we would attach our home address to a helium balloon and release it in hopes of someone finding the balloon and writing a letter to one of us.  I can't remember how many times we did this, but I only remember one person actually receiving a letter.  Any peeps that went to Hunt Elementary School in Fort Valley, GA remember this activity?  I am sure today this would be a HUGE breech of security. 

This week, I was feeling a bit nostalgic (the new move and all), so I got my girls to sit down and write letters to a few of their friends from back home.  We made a long list of people we wanted to write.  Kate ended up writing to 3 on her list and Ann wrote to 2.  We also sent out postcards from our trip to the rodeo last week.  I must admit that I was probably more excited than they were, but they were good sports.  I am sure they will be super excited if they receive any letters in return!

For about 15 years, my daddy and grandmother wrote to me almost every week.  At the time, I would read it and go on my way.  I did not write them as I should have.  I wish now that I still got those letters and that I had kept them all.  Being that I am a pack rat, I did keep a lot.  I am glad that I did.  Today, I got a letter from my daddy and a flood of memories came back from those precious times that I took for granted.  Try writing a loved one a letter... they will appreciate it... Let me know how it goes.  Happy writing!


  1. I had the same New Year's resolution to send more mail and birthday cards, too!!!

  2. You'll have to let me know how you do this year!! Good luck!