Monday, April 30, 2012

Caring that leads to praying

I have had several sweet families on my mind lately as they are experiencing a lot of stress right now.  Watching a loved one suffer through Cancer or some other dreadful disease is practically unbearable. I have been thankful for the websites that these families have been using to communicate updates to friends and families.  Caringbridge and Carepages are two that are great resources and free.  When Ann was in the hospital, we used the carepages site, it was so comforting to read messages of encouragement at the end of a long day.  Once she was home, we were able to print out all the messages from our family and friends.  We created a book to keep those precious words of Love for Ann to enjoy one day.  It was also very therapeutic for me to write each day about what we were going through. 

I think that these sites are wonderful tools to let people know how to pray for loved ones and to rejoice in progress that is made.  Take some time today to pray for your loved ones that are experiencing difficulties... there is nothing like the power of prayer! 

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