Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Can't Choose Your Parents

Over the weekend I was introduced to the TexasMonthly Magazine. I loved it! It is about all things Texas, so I am trying to read up!  Although, Georgia is still on my mind J

Thursday, November 1st Cover

One article that I read has absolutely resonated with me. The Innocent Man Part I is about a Texas man wrongly incarcerated for the murder of his wife. He spent 25 years behind bars and lost everything, because he grieved differently than expected and became a target for the local police.

This article got me thinking about my own parents. The choices they made, some good, some bad. My mother made countless sacrifices to raise my brother and I on her own. Never, remarking about my father's poor choices. I know it is a stretch to think about a man who suffered losing his family and his freedom, but somehow, it fits. 

I was without my dad for close to 16 years of my life.  I don’t have many happy childhood memories of him.  We have a great relationship now.  Did he love me when I was growing up?  Honestly, I can’t answer that, I don’t know.  He had other things in his life that were more important back then.  Does he love me now?  Absolutely, without a doubt.  Would I trade that absence from him?  Sure, I would want to erase the pain and hardship my mom endured, but the choices that my dad made almost 20 year ago helped make me who I am today.  God had a plan.  I don’t understand why.  Will I ever be able to write about my childhood completely?  I don’t know.  I can tell you this, my parents’ choices affect me daily.  I am so thankful for my mom.  I don’t have the words to express how much she means to me.  I am also thankful that my kids will know my dad as their Papa. 

Those of you that are already parents, remember that all of your choices affect your kids.  All of them.  Unfortunately, they are the ones that end up with a pretty raw deal when things head south.  Just always be open and honest with them and love them more than your own selfish desires.  I am definitely not mom of the year, far from it.  I am sure there will be lots of times that my kids will hate my decisions.  I just pray that I can be like my mom and do the very best that I can for them.  That is all that I can do. 

Isn’t it funny how an article, a song, or even a simple statement can pierce your heart?  Who would have thought?!  Check out the TexasMonthly magazine, you won’t be disappointed.  Part II of The Innocent comes out next month.  I am going to be a regular subscriber.      

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I have left my Comfort Zone

Stream of Consciousness Sunday!  Brought to you by Jana's Thinking Place


Today’s (totally optional) prompt:

What have you done recently or would like to do that’s outside your comfort zone?

I feel like I have been out of my comfort zone since June.  I am really tired of feeling this way.  I am tired of thinking about our move and I am really tired of not being settled.  This is out of my comfort zone. I like to think of myself as pretty easy going and laid back...
Maybe, I am not, maybe this is the real me?!  Now, I guess that would be even more out of my comfort zone lol!  I guess the real feeling right now is not knowing which way is up!
I have never been good at directions.  I even taught Geography for two years, guess that is why they let me teach History after that :-)  I am out of my comfort zone by not knowing simple things like which highway to get on to get back home when I am lost.  I know, I know, I have a GPS, but the constant "rerouting" message really gets on my nerves!  When we lived in Atlanta, all I had to do was drive around until I hit 75 or even 85.  Eventually, I would make it home!  LOL!
Ok, that is it, my time is up!  5 minutes did not go by fast enough for me this time!  LOL!
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Mail

So I am completely addicted to Pinterest... no I am not crafty at all, I have a gazillion "pins" but no products or success stories to my name... until today.

I have had a very special friend on my mind for quite some time.  She has been an inspiration to me as a Christian, wife, mother, and friend.  She is now battling cancer.  I hate it so much.  It is hard to wrap my brain around how someone who does and has done so much good can be in the fight for her life....  Unfortunately, we all have a person just like this in our lives... someone who we think the world of, but are facing a beast like cancer. 

I first found the picture on pinterest and then followed the link to figure out how to make my own Box of Sunshine.  When I first saw the picture, I thought, "Cute" "Fun", "Surely, even the likes of me can make this!"  I did it, well, my 7 and 4 year old helped me, but that made it just that more special

We really had a blast making it.  We just stayed with our theme of yellow :-)  I really hope it will brighten our special friend's day when she receives her very on Box of Sunshine!