Monday, October 1, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Mail

So I am completely addicted to Pinterest... no I am not crafty at all, I have a gazillion "pins" but no products or success stories to my name... until today.

I have had a very special friend on my mind for quite some time.  She has been an inspiration to me as a Christian, wife, mother, and friend.  She is now battling cancer.  I hate it so much.  It is hard to wrap my brain around how someone who does and has done so much good can be in the fight for her life....  Unfortunately, we all have a person just like this in our lives... someone who we think the world of, but are facing a beast like cancer. 

I first found the picture on pinterest and then followed the link to figure out how to make my own Box of Sunshine.  When I first saw the picture, I thought, "Cute" "Fun", "Surely, even the likes of me can make this!"  I did it, well, my 7 and 4 year old helped me, but that made it just that more special

We really had a blast making it.  We just stayed with our theme of yellow :-)  I really hope it will brighten our special friend's day when she receives her very on Box of Sunshine!

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  1. I have that same pin pinned! I love sending Happy Mail (as I call it). That was such a sweet thing to send to your friend. I will be praying for her!!