Sunday, July 29, 2012


I am participating for the first time in Stream of Consciousness Sunday... check it out and feel free to join!  See the rules below :-)


Today’s (optional) prompt is: Anticipation.

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stream of consciousness sunday


I feel like I live in a constant state of anticipation.  The most thing I am anticipating is my new life in Texas... I am just ready to be "HOME" already.  I don't like all the time I spend trying to figure out where to go, meet new people etc.  I mean it is good to think of the new life we are starting here, but it is also a little frightening.  So, far God has been so good as usual and has provided.  I have not been sleeping much lately, because I feel like everyday is a new adventure.  That is the fun part, taking the kids to new places that we have never seen before and trying new things.  My girls amaze me at how well they adapt to all types of new situations.  I think back when I was a child and I remember how I worried about everything... like my mom wasn't going to come back to pick me or something... LOL!  Although, sometime I think it must have been in the back of her mind, but knew, I would find my way back to her.  Haha!  Seriously though, I have been excited and we have met some great people here, it is just a whole new ballgame each day we get in the van!  Good times are ahead though, I can feel it!!  Wow!  Time is up already!  That was pretty fast!  What do you think?!



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  1. This is great!! And so easy! You're going to rock your new life in Texas. Hope you'll join me every week!

  2. Glad you are making new friends and that your children are adjusting!! I'm sure it is a relief to know that they are doing all right.

    Good luck in feeling at home soon in your new place.

  3. Sounds like you all are transitioning well. Best of luck going forward from here!

  4. I remember moving to this town over a decade ago. After about four months, I really missed having close friends. Wondering if this place would ever be home. Everything worked out -- better than I ever anticipated. Good luck. It will be wonderful.