Saturday, July 7, 2012

My trials with the DMV...

I have always had problems with the DMV.  I guess it is really a love/hate relationship.  I LOVE having my drivers license, but I hate going through the red tape to get the dang thing.  It started when I got my license for the first time.  I passed the driving test with a flat 70.  I was honestly pretty proud of my 70.  When I was 16, my mom drove a Cadillac, this is what I had to take my test in.  Let's just say I didn't do very well with parallel parking... or making a left turn, now that I think of it. 

My next run in with the DMV was when I got married.  My parents have always called me by middle name, Layne, so I thought I would just drop my first name and take on my husband's last name.  After a lot of arguing, I prevailed yet again.  The real problem came when we moved to Nashville, TN.  They informed me that I must change my name legally through the state.  They made me take my first name back and were not very nice about it.  One point for the DMV...

When we moved back to Georgia, I thought I could argue my first name back off of my license... no such luck... although they were very nice about it, even let me think that I had won the argument.  I realized the DMV had won again when I got my license back with ALL my names listed...

The Texas DMV has been the most trying.  First of all, the town we live in is over 100,000 people and the DMV here can only hold 50 at a time including their employees.  The rest of the people have to wait outside until someone leaves, although they do allow 3 people at a time to wait in the foyer of the building.  I went to this place twice and after being rejected both times, I drove 30 miles north to another town to finally get my license.  I can tell you it was totally worth it.  I was able to stand in line in the A/C, although I still have 4 names on my license.  Maybe one day I will get my name changed legally and save some time and trouble at the DMV. 


  1. Aah, nothing worse than having a million names! Jason is Jason's middle name and he gets so frustrated! But it's better than Roy :)

    1. Finally! Someone who feels my pain!! LOL!