Monday, July 9, 2012

Pics, Postcards and Prizes...

This has been a great week for the girls.  They are still on the letter writing train...they have turned it into playing "office".  It is totally cute, until Trace comes in and tries to destroy all their precious work!  This week I got an email from a friend in Marietta with pictures attached of her girls reading their letters from my girls.  Here is Maggie reading her letter from Ann...

 and here is Maggie's sweet little sister, Charley, reading her letter from Kate...


Seeing these sweet girls has been a great motivation for us to continue our letter writing campaign.  How sweet are they!?!  Love and miss them tons! 

Mimi, Anma and Granddaddy have been out to visit us this month.  We were able to take them all to the Sixth Floor Museum ( in downtown Dallas.  I highly recommend this museum if you ever come to Dallas.  It is by far one of the best museums that I have ever visited.  I picked up a couple of postcards to send to one of my favorite young historians... Keaton!

The girls got a very special care package from their Aunt Channon, Uncle Lee, Emileigh, Sara and Garrett.  They were ecstatic!  I could barely get the box away from them to make a quick pic of all the goodies they received... it was like Christmas in July!!

There were goodies inside for all three would have thought that Aunt Channon had packed Disney World right into the box... they were enchanted by all of the contents.

I am so grateful for all the letters, postcards, stickers, goodies, everything that people have sent to the kids.  They love it all!  The girls are adjusting well, but there are times when the move is hard for them to understand.  Anyone who has moved across the street, across town, or across the country can understand that change can be difficult.

If you have new people moving into your neighborhood, visiting your church, or starting a new job at your office, make sure you welcome them... it makes you feel good and you have no idea the effect you have on the new people.  From kids to adults, it makes the transition a lot easier.  I would also suggest showing support to a friend or colleague that moves on to another place.  It speaks volumes.  I would go insane without the support of my family, friends, and most importantly knowing that this is all just another part of God's plan for us. 

We received this housewarming plant from some of our best friends, Molli and Kevin, the week after we moved.  It was such a great feeling to receive support from home... changed my whole outlook that week... it was exactly what I needed!!  Now, if I can only keep it alive :-) 

Who are you writing this week?!  Happy writing!!

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